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Microsoft Teched EMEA 2008 conference PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Dejan Foro   
Nov 03, 2008 at 10:36 PM
The bigest Microsoft yearly conference in the EMEA region has started today.Virtualization, management, service "in the cloud" and business inteligence are going to be major topics of this years conferece.


As usual, the huge Auditorium of Barcelolona Internationa Conferencing Center was filled up to the last place during the keynote session. 

The keynote session was lead by Brad Anderson, General Manager of Management and Services Division at Microsoft. In a quite dynamic session, through several demonstrations we were given a sneek peek into future technology developments.

In area of virtualization and management,  which means R2 versions of Windows 2008 and Operations Manager 2007 we should get support for things like live virtual machine migration, support for managing Microsoft AND VMWare virtual machines.  The posiblity to generat reports on Service Level Agreements and compliance was also shown. 

 In area of business intelligence we have seen a demo of Gemini -the next version of SQL server should include what they call Self service BI. An impressive demo of analyzing  100 million rows of data in Excel on an ordinary laptop was shown with really flash instant results. 

And at the end there was also talk about "service in the cloud" . the Azure family of online services integrates some of already  existing and expands some hosted offerings: Live services,. NET, SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint, CRM, everything online. 


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