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FAQ 000088 - How to install Exchange Service Packs and updates PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Dejan Foro   
Nov 17, 2010 at 06:14 PM

Some general advice regarding installation of Exchange updates and service packs:

Before installing the update
- Disable your antivirus software for Exchange. If you are using Forefront Security for Exchange as you Exchange antivirus software you can disable/enable it with the FSCUtility. This utility is located in the Forefront Security installation directory. It has the following parameters:
     FSCUtility /status - Gives an on-screen report showing the status of Forefront Security and the server.
     FSCUtility /disable - Disables Forefront Security.
     FSCUtility /enable - Enables Forefront Security.
- Disable the antivirus software on your file system,
- Disable as well as other 3rd party software products running on top of Exchange that might interfere with the setup (Blackberry, faxing, archiving ....). 
- Make sure you stopped the monitoring agent. During Service Pack or update installation Exchange services are normally stopped. If you have a monitoring system which is configured to monitor status of Exchange services and it might detect that services are stopped and attempt to restart them during the setup. And if this happens during the time you service pack upgrades your database or is in process of replacing files, things can get seriously broken.

In Windows 2008 R2, execute the setup with the Run as Administrator option. Right-click the Command Prompt and select Run As Administrator and then run the update from this Command Prompt.

A typical behavior for Exchange 2010 Rollup setup is that when you execute it as normal user, it will report that it completed normally but the setup will actually fail in the background and often break OWA.

In case you already ran into that problem, things usually can be fixed by simply re-running the rollup setup with admin privileges as described above.

Last Updated ( Mar 21, 2011 at 08:12 AM )
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